My main research activity is focussed on motion capture from video. I'm interested in how to use video data to control 3D animation. In particular, I'm working on motion capture for 3D animation of humans and animals, typically in extreme situation when standard markers-based techniques cannot be used.

Key words :

video-driven animation, 3D animation from video, multimodal communication, audiovisual speech, talking face, liptracking, lip tracking, facial animation, 3D articulatory modeling, motion capture, mocap, extreme mocap.

Anatomy Capture of the Human Hand
Lionel Reveret, Franck Quaine (UGA)
PhD position 2016-2018 [ OPEN ]

Mice 3D characterization
Lionel Reveret, Mathieu Beraneck (U. Descartes, Paris5), Yann Herault (ICS)

Cage-based Motion Recovery using Manifold Learning
Estelle Duveau, Simon Courtemanche, Lionel Reveret, Edmond Boyer

Principal Geodesic Dynamics
Maxime Tournier, Lionel Reveret

Locomotion Skills for Simulated Quadrupeds
Stelian Coros, Andrej Karpathy, Ben Jones, Lionel Reveret, Michiel van de Panne

Natural character posing from a large database
Xiaomao Wu, Maxime Tournier, Lionel Reveret
IEEE CGA, 2011

Creating and animating subject-specific anatomical models
B. Gilles, L. Revéret, D.K. Pai
CGF 2010, EG'11

Modal Locomotion: Animating Virtual Characters with Natural Vibrations
P. G. Kry, L. Reveret, F. Faure, and M.-P.Cani,

Wind Projection Basis for Real-Time Animation of Tree
J. Diener, M. Rodriguez, L. Baboud, L. Reveret,

Motion compression using Principal Geodesics Analysis
M. Tournier, X. Wu, N. Courty , E. Arnaud, L. Reveret,

Modeling, motion capture and animation of small vertebrates
ANR Kameleon

Animation of trees from video
J. Diener  L. Reveret  E. Fiume,

Physical animation of quadrupeds
ANR Kameleon

Morphable model of quadrupeds skeletons
L. Reveret, L. Favreau, C. Depraz, M.-P. Cani,

Animal Gaits From Video
L. Favreau, L. Reveret, C. Depraz, M.-P. Cani,
SCA'04, Graphical Models (2006)

A new "look" to Ekman...
G. Pourtois, D. Sander, M. Andres, D. Grandjean, L. Reveret, E. Olivier, P. Vuilleumier
European Journal of Neurosciences (2004)

Skin capture from video
F. Dellas, L. Reveret

Animated Speakers
L. Reveret, I. Essa
CVPR Workshop Cues on Communication, 2001

Text-To-Visual-Speech animation
L. Reveret, G. Bailly, P. Badin
ICSLP'00, Journal of Phonetics (2002)

Parameters for talking head animation
L. Reveret, C. Benoit, G. Bailly, P. Badin