Computer Animation

This is a M.D. course in 3D computer animation for Computer Graphics II in the MOSIG master. It covers kinematical animation, motion capture and some aspect of animation of 3D surfaces. For introduction to physically based animation, the siggraph courses from Andrew Witkin, David Baraff and Michael Kass are highly recommended and will be presented in class.
  1. Direct and inverse kinematics (slides)
  2. Introduction to Maya (see below)
  3. Skinning, Facial animation, morphing (slides)
  4. Motion capture and retargetting (slides)
  5. Physically based animation (notes from David Baraff and Andrew Witkin.)
  6. Additional notes on physics-based animation (slides)

Maya programming in MEL script and C++ API

This is a M.D. course in 3D computer graphics for CS engineers, dedicated to Maya. It introduces foundation concepts to use Maya for modeling and animation, and how to write first MEL scripts and develop C++ plug-ins using the Maya API.
  1. introduction (slides)
  2. user interface (slides)
  3. modeling (slides)
  4. animation (slides)
  5. MEL scripts (notes, in French)
  6. C++ plug-ins with Maya API (notes, in French)
Text of the work assignment will be given in class.

Introduction to Computational Anatomy

This is a M.D. course introducing concepts of computational anatomy. It depicts basis of 3D modeling from medical images and highlights some aspect of recent works in anatomical simulation.
Slides are available following this link.