Geometry processing for animation

Digital geometry processing for shapes in motion

Understanding digital shapes from the life sciences
Geometric modeling
  Geometrical, topological and perceptual analysis of 3D meshes

Main current and past projects

  • Carambole (PI, 2016-2017). Exploratory grant from LabEx PERSYVAL-lab, € 9k.
  • Digitree (PI, 2015-2018). AGIR grant from Univ. Grenoble Alpes, € 96k.
  • ACHMOV (2014-2018). ANR grant, € 286k.
  • ASLAAF (PI, 2014-2015). AGIR grant from Grenoble INP, € 15k.
  • PADME (2013-2016). ARC6 grant from Région Rhône-Alpes, € 98k.
  • MORPHO (2010-2015, coordinator from 2012 to 2015). ANR grant, € 482k.
  • PlantScan3D (2009-2011). Grants from the Agropolis foundation and Inria, € 118k.
  • IDEAL (2009). BQR grant from Grenoble INP, € 40k.
  • MADRAS (2008-2011). ANR grant, € 330k.
  • MEGA (PI, 2006-2008). Grants from Grenoble INP, UJF and Inria, € 55k.


Data sets


PhD students

  • Romain Rombourg (started Oct. 2015). Digital tree: from the acquisition to a high-level geometric model. Co-advised with Eric Casella.
  • Jinlong Yang (started Oct. 2015). Learning shape spaces of dressed 3D human models in motion. Co-advised with Stefanie Wuhrer.

Master students

Former students


Available internships

No currently available internship.

Aucun stage disponible pour le moment. Si vous êtes un étudiant de Master Grenoblois,vous pouvez toujours me contacter pour discuter d'un sujet éventuel.