Former students


  • Dobrina Boltcheva (2009-2011). Computation of the homology of simplicial complexes (2009-2010); virtual plant reconstruction mixing incomplete geometric data and a priori knowledge (2010-2011). Co-advised with Jean-Claude Léon (2009-2010) and with Marie-Paule Cani (2010-2011). Dobrina is now associate professor at Univ. Nancy (IUT Saint Dié).

PhD students

Master students

Undergrads (Master 1 et 1ère ou 2ème année Ensimag)

  • Henrique Maziero (2016, ENSE3). Acquisition and spatio-temporal tracking of a leaf of Averrhoa carambola. Co-advised with Julien Pansiot.
  • Robin Vincent-Deleuze (2016, Ensimag). Acquisition and spatio-temporal tracking of a leaf of Averrhoa carambola. Co-advised with Julien Pansiot.
  • Victoria Fernández Abrevaya (2015, Univ. Buenos Aires, Argentina). Spacetime Laplacian mesh processing.
  • Sandeep Manandhar (2015, Univ. Burgundy). Spacetime Laplacian mesh processing.
  • Romain Rombourg (2014, Télécom Physique Strasbourg). Noise characterization for tree digital scanning.
  • Cyril Six (2014, Ensimag). Noise characterization for tree digital scanning.
  • Arsène Pérard-Gayot (2012, Ensimag). Study of motion perception in 3D animations. Co-advised with Kai Wang (GIPSA-Lab, Univ. Grenoble).
  • Rémy Cumont (2011, Ensimag). Creation of a virtual model of a tree or a plant from laser scans. Co-advised with Dobrina Boltcheva.
  • Marc Aubert (2010, Ensimag). Discerning between branches and leaves in a scanned tree point cloud. Co-advised with Benjamin Gilles.
  • Romain Casati (2010, Ensimag). Helix reconstruction from 2D lines. Co-advised with Florence Bertails-Descoubes (LJK & Inria BiPop team).
  • Damien Rumiano (2007, ENSIMAG). Topological modifications of animated surfaces. Co-advised with Antoine Bouthors and Matthieu Nesme.
  • Sahar Hassan (2006, Master 1). Aneurysm characterization and quantification on volumetric models. Co-advised with François Faure.
  • Stéphanie Rey (2006, ENSIMAG). Morphological operators for topology control of volumetric models.
  • Grégoire Aujay (2005, ENSIMAG). Automatic computation of a geometric skeleton for animation. Co-advised with Francis Lazarus (GIPSA-Lab, Univ. Grenoble).
  • Pierre-Jean Gouttenoire (2005, Master 1). Conception of an interface for visualization and edition of 3D models.



  • Jean-Denis Gonthier (2014, DUT). Interpolation d'animations 3D.
  • Lu Lin (2007, visiting PhD student). Semantic decomposition of a model for 3D animation. Co-advised with Cédric Gérot (GIPSA-Lab, Univ. Grenoble) and Boris Thibert.