I am associate professor at the Ensimag engineering school of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, which is part of the Grenoble INP consortium of engineering schools in Grenoble. 


I was an elected member of the Ensimag School Board for a 4 year term (2016-2021), which manages school strategic and high level budget decisions, in cooperation with Ensimag business and institutional partners from the university board at Grenoble INP.

I am currently managing the administrative aspects of second year Ensimag, which includes numerous duties:

  • keep track of and prepare semester juries for 300+ students
  • organize 4 majors and 70 courses and their exam sessions, prepare semester course schedules
  • cater to related day-to-day organizational problems, for students and professors
  • manage student course choices for elective courses
  • participate in all Ensimag management and pedagogic boards
  • work with school international relations to manage students going or coming from abroad
  • work with school internship relations service to keep track of student internships and related grading
  • keep in sync with other schools and services on campus for outsourced and courses shared among different university institutions (foreign languages, humanities, sports, university master courses)

I am currently teaching four courses: