I am curently working on combined shape and motion capture using video and x-ray imaging. The complementarity of the two imaging modalities opens novel and exciting research directions at the boundary between motion capture and medical imaging.



Computed Tomography (CT) scanners provide accurate 3D x-ray attenuation models of living organisms, allowing for a range of studies and diagnostics. However, when compared to regular planar radiography, CT scanners are significantly more expensive, expose the patient to higher radiation doses, and require immobility.
In order to tackle these issues, we proposed to combine a regular x-ray imaging device with a set of cameras. A software suite which estimates a dense 3D attenuation model of a moving sample based on a short capture by a single x-ray combined with 8 video cameras has been deployed on the novel KINOVIS platform recently installed at the Grenoble University Hospital (CHU).




  • Carambole (co-author, 2016-2017). Exploratory grant from LabEx PERSYVAL-lab, 9k€. 4D motion capture and modelling of growing plants.
  • CaMoPi (PI, 2016-2020). ANR collaborative project (to start soon), 541k€. Capture and modelling of the shod foot in motion in order to improve shoe conception.


More on current and previous projects.