I'm an associate professor at University Grenoble Alpes in France conducting research on computer vision with the Morpheo INRIA team.


My research aims at understanding the world through the capture and analysis of heterogeneous data (MRI, CT, Point clouds, images, ...) in order to create applied digital instruments (see the research link for details).


Open Positions

We have several open positions for motivated students (from masters projects or engineering internships to Phd positions). If you are a highly motivated student willing to work in our research field, you can submit your CVs and application through our team's job application webpage.


Short Bio

I graduated both in Applied Mathematics at FME-UPC in Barcelona, Spain and in Computer Science at ENSIMAG, Grenoble, France in 2005. After working as a research engineer at INRIA Grenoble I joined Binocle3D (2007) where I managed the R&D Software Department (2009 -2011).

In 2015 I received my PhD from University Grenoble Alpes for my work on "Camera models and algorithms for the creation of video content" and between 2016 and 2018 I was a Post-Doctoral Researcher at Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, Germany, in the Perceiving Systems department.


Currently funded projects

  • Intensive (INSERM-INRIA Grant : started in 2023)
  • INORA (ANR CE19 - started in 2023)
  • Semba (ANR JCJC : started in 2019)
  • ShapeUp! Keiki (NIH : started in 2022)


Past funded projects

  • CAMed (FFG 2018-2023)
  • SpinePDCA (2018-2022)