My research interests include

  • geometry and motion processing
  • shape analysis
  • human body and face modeling

These interests lie at the intersection of

  • computer vision
  • computer graphics
  • computational geometry

My current Ph.D. students are

  • Victoria Fernàndez Abrevaya (Ph.D. student at Université Grenoble Alpes since Oct. 2016)
    Topic: 3D dynamic human motion representations
    Co-supervised with Edmond Boyer
  • Aurela Shehu (Ph.D. student at Saarland University since Apr. 2013)
    Topic: Isometry-invariant 3D shape processing
  • Jinlong Yang (Ph.D. student at Université Grenoble Alpes since Oct. 2015)
    Topic: Learning shape spaces of dressed 3D human models in motion
    Co-supervised with Franck Hétroy-Wheeler

A list of former Ph.D. students is available here.