I am curently a research engineer at INRIA Rhône-Alpes Grenoble under the Morpheo project team. I am working on the fusion of multiple depth camera and color camera sensors for real-time gesture interface. 

I did my phD at INRIA under the Perception and the Moais project team. I was working on interaction, immersion and telepresence in the GrImage platform, a real-time multi-camera 3D modeling platform, on the VGate project.

I now work freelance doing some creative coding stuff for interactive installations, art performance or projection mapping with generative video. I have co-created the Beam'Art collective. 

Here is my footprint on the web:

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This site is still under construction (as always...). It might not be compatible with old web browser as I tried to experiment some html5 features, but anyway, I strongly encourage you to use a modern browser such as the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Opera (or at least IE8). My old webpage is still active here.